Letting Go

I've been playing Amerie's All I Have album when I go to sleep, lately. Man! It takes me back to high school. I can hear the rain falling as I get ready for school in the morning. I'll never forget buying the album the summer before my Senior year. Anywho...

She has a song called "Can't Let Go"

I'm at an interesting place. I'm no longer mad or confused or unhappy or upset about what's going on. I think I didn't let it go earlier because I was afraid of missing it. And I do miss the good times, but having been through so many bad times, I realize this was inevitable and I'm proud of myself for finally saying enough is enough. I'm okay with missing it. I'm okay with wishing I had it back. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.

I've been open to so much more. So many more topics to have with my friends. This sense of freedom is indescribable.

I hope he's at a similar place.

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