A few randoms

First off, confessions.

1) I've been bumpin' "Rockin' That Thang" like it's not a game. I've been doing it shamelessly and for <<<<--- THAT I'm ashamed. 2) Found an unreleased track from The Dream called "Hater".... see #1
3) I ain't got nobody's (yeah, I know... but the bad grammar is meant to emphasize the negativity of this statement) attention span today and I have SO many meetings. I find myself zoning out, coming back and realizing how much I hate some parts of my job.

Next, a substantive commentary:

Thoughts of a Southern Gal put up a post about her text-only, one-sided interactions with a guy she recently met.

I agree with what she said:
This is not acceptable behavior to me. I can't accept a text as the first form of communication from a dude who claims he would like to get to know me.
I mean what is up with us these days? We can even take out the implications of a romantic possibility... what's up with texting-only as a means of communication with us? I won't lie and act like I'm not semi-guilty. There are surely people I almost ONLY interact with by way of a text message. But there's good reason for that, I think.

There's a larger issue here. What's it mean that there are people, lots of them who would ALWAYS rather just text you than give you a phone call? And not just you, but 98% of the people they know and interact with (the other 2 being family). I'm concerned/interested/wondering about the future of interaction. Any bets on how many more years before facebook, myspace, et al... become the primary way we communicate with EVERYONE? I mean for some, and this isn't meant to be an attack, just an observation, it's a primary (and good) way to simply meet people.

Ok, but my issue with texting as the primary, foremost and only line of communication stands. I'd take an e-mail in that role before a text. Give me more than 160 characters, PLEASE!

Third, a random listing of songs I'm loving right now... (to prove that I know The Dream is not really someone I should be bumping so heavily)

1. U R Mine - performed and arranged by a friend
2. Please Don't Stop - Keyshia Cole
3. Swagg - Teyana Taylor
4. Don't Know Ya'll - Yung L.A. / Young Dro
5. Tell Me How You Feel - Joy Enriquez


I'll let the video speak for itself. Tomfoolery at it's finest, ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm still bumping Rockin That thang too. I love that song. I copped his new album too yesterday. I hate it when folks get your # too and only text you first. Even with ppl who you aren't necessarily trying to get to know in a dating form. It just bugs me. I ran into an old friend on FB and she asked for my # so we could hang out and only texts me. It's like ummm what's the point of hanging out if we haven't even talked besides texting.

Dafonzarelli said...

Ol' girl with the purse went to town on SAY-TON-NAH... YEA-EHHHHH-AHHHH!!!!!

Rockin' that thang? I bet you'll stop lisenin that song once you start rockin your thang

like OO-OO-OO

I have nothin else to say

A.smith rocking that thang like

mp1 said...

First off....the devil vid had me crackin up. Church scares me... lol

I was kind of ashamed to admit that I liked Rockin that thang. But it is what it is. I just got it on itunes earlier today and its on repeat.

Anonymous said...

Yall are talking about me. I am the person that will text you first as opposed to talking. I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. I only do it after I realize that I like you, lol.

I'm Rockin That Thang too....

A.Smith said...

First off, I'm glad I'm not the only one shamefully, shamelessly "Rockin' That Thang"

Glennisha- I have friends that I hang out with when I'm home, but when I'm back in DC, they only text me. I'm not sure what that means, really. Or how I feel...

Dafonz- Was that video not ridiculous? I was loving the woman with the crutch. Quality tomfoolery. As for me and Rockin (My) Thang... can't talk about that yet. Top secret info.

mp1- Stereotypical pentecostal black churches scare the crap out of me, too. I laugh from afar, but close up I get nervous and a little nauseous. You're right about RTTT... it is what it is, can't do nothin' 'bout that... :)

ABrownGirl- Don't worry. We still love you. :) A friend of mine and I used to text all the time, only. Comes to find out we were doing it thinking that's what the other one preferred. Way to go us. I still do it more than talking on the phone to him, but it's out of habit.

Eb the Celeb said...

MH in shame as welll because I hate to admit it but the dream's album is a banger. I was trying to fight the catchy lyrics and beats but I've finally crossed over.

A.Smith said...

Eb- I'm going to do a la carte with The Dream's album on iTunes, I think. This way I can indulge but still feel like I'm holding my ground (petty, yes, but... what can I say?)

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