I've done too many posts on "The Ex" to count, or even really to link here. But for anyone who might need to catch up quickly, check this one out.

I've spent the last week at home with my mother. It's been a well-deserved and very much needed time away from my life and all the craziness in it. Before I came down, I had a brief facebook exchange with The Ex's brother and I told him that if I could, I would visit. The Ex's family lives a little less than 2 hours from my mother. It wouldn't be totally outside the realm of possibilities for me to make a day trip down. I haven't seen his mother and brother in over a year, and I haven't seen his father in a little over a year and a half. It would be so nice to see them all -- however, I made no such trip.

This afternoon, I made a pit stop at home in the middle of a very busy day of visiting people. On my bed was a card. It had The Ex's family's picture on top and a brief synopsis of what's been going on with each of them. His mother sends these cards out during Christmas time, so my first thought was "this is either very early or very late..." Turns out, it was the latter. When I flipped the envelope over, I saw that it had been mailed to my mom's old address. I guess she just found it now that she's over in the old house cleaning it up, readying it for a new tenant (oh gosh, that's a whole other story...)

I've actually been thinking about The Ex a whole lot. We had a brief exchange a few weeks ago while he was visiting his family and I, ironically, was in what is now his home city, over 1200 miles away. What little we did talk about was fraught with unsaid thoughts and feelings. All of our interactions in the last 6 - 8 months have been like that. I have a lot I want to tell him, but I don't think any of it is appropriate, right now.

I've been trying to avoid contacting his mother, for a myriad of reasons, but I felt that I should let her know of my mother's new address. I don't know what will happen -- her e-mail replies to me have always been short and sweet, so I doubt this will lead to any continued e-mail exchange, however, it will be interesting to see what she says (or asks)...

I gotta get "The Series" back going, so you guys can see how all this plays out...


Fear Not

Those who follow me on Twitter know I'm here.

Those who don't may think I've abandoned it.

I'm trying to pull it together, but failing. Hopefully next week I can crank out some real posts (while, ironically, I'm on vacation).

In the meantime, check out the blogs I'm reading everyday.

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Jack & Jill Politics
-Very smart people post and comment here. I've learned a lot just reading the comments and engaging in discussions.

Necole Bitchie
-Twitter usually feeds me enough random info about who's doing who with whom and for how long, but Necole is always there to fill in the gaps.

Tha Feedback
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And as ALWAYS there are the archived posts here. Allow me to recommend:

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Of course there's also the Series to catch up on (or just re-read, because if you're like me, you've forgotten half of it), and a handful of stories I may or may not have told over the last year.

Hope this ties everyone over until I can get my A game back on. I have much to share and much to tell and definitely a whole lot of thoughts to get out. I've been working on a lot of short stories, and I'm hoping to be able to share one with you in the very near future.