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I think everytime I title this post (same subject every Monday) I give it a new title, but the same label -- so if you need to find them all, it'll be easy.

I'm posting this one a bit earlier than normal. I'm sitting in the airport waiting on a flight to the A, that will connect me to a flight to M-Town. All work related stuff. I had a great time in NOLA, am excited (surprisingly) about M-Town and then about going home for Easter.

I have plenty of things to post about, but until I get some time to do that, enjoy the next part in what's shaping up to be a pretty long story...

Refresh your memory

Part 4
As a Senior, I was afforded extra days on my Spring Break. I spent the first half at a recruitment weekend for my future college and the second half at my best friend’s family’s lake house. JD, meanwhile, went to Canada with his father and best friend. He also told me he was going to meet up with a friend from a summer camp he went to each year while he was there.

The night after he got back from his trip, he called me to tell me all about it. First he asked me about my time at the university. I told him about all the cool people I met and how the school had moved up a few places on my list. I also mentioned a guy I met that I thought was really cool. Of course I did it to illicit a response from him.

JD went silent for a moment and then said he had something important to tell me. He began to detail for me how he had slept with his friend. He told me that his best friend sat watch while he and the girl had sex in his hotel room. I was shocked. He and I had talked about our own opinions of sex and he had been clear that he thought it would be best to wait. The sudden nature of this whole situation confused and saddened me.

Of course JD realized I was upset. He tried to reassure me that it meant nothing and was only further proof that the girl was nobody to him. “You should be glad I’m not trying to ruin our relationship with sex” he said.

The next morning I told my best friend about it. “Do you forgive him?” she asked me. I thought about her question and realized that there was nothing to forgive him for. We weren’t together, no matter what I was wishing or hoping or scheming for. I had to accept that he made a choice that he was free to make.

During our next conversation, JD answered a few questions but quickly told me he didn’t want to talk about his night with the friend. He told me she didn’t mean anything and so I shouldn’t worry. I was still upset, but knew that I had no reason to be.

His Spring Break rendezvous was quickly a thing of the past and we were back to talking about our future. Two months before my graduation date I sent him an e-mail asking him to be real with me. To consider us and our possibilities. He called me upset. "What do you want from me?" he shouted. I knew I was pestering him and I understood why he might be angry but I knew that settling wasn't something I would be good at so I laid it all out on the table. He relented. On one condition -- that we keep our relationship to ourselves. "I don't like a lot of people in my business" he said. I agreed -- I was just so happy that I'd gotten what I wanted. I called my 3 best friends right after our phone conversation.

The remainder of my time in school went off without a hitch -- at least between JD and I. We "broke up" the night before I left for my 8 day senior trip and the day of my graduation, he called to congratulate me and wish me well. I thought our relationship was over, at least us being more than friends. I was wrong.

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