Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes

I'm pausing a self-imposed "break" from life for this post... I'll be back, in some form or fashion, sometime later this week...

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we've not seen anyone like Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes before or since her death. I say that as a stan, but also because it is very true. It's unfortunate that her genius is often overshadowed in the telling of her life's story by failed relationships and mistakes in personal choices. We forget that she was the creative force behind TLC from the condoms they wore in the early days to the set design on their Fanmail tour, which happened to be the last tour they did as a trio.

Sometimes I wonder if Left-Eye's genius ever would have truly been celebrated and recognized. Shortly before her death, she had signed to Suge Knight's Tha Row records and was recording under the pseudonym "N.I.N.A." which stood for "New Identity Not Applicable." We all know that while Death Row Records at one time ran the music business with regards to gangsta rap, we also all know that Suge Knight had a way of picking artists at their low points and screwing them over in the end.

But, we won't dwell on what wasn't, only what was. Check out a few of my favorite Left-Eye raps below...

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