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I've done another guest post for one of my favorite blogs, Stuff White People Do
I attended undergrad in Nashville, Tennessee. I wouldn't normally disclose that, but Nashville is often called the Athens of the South because of all the colleges and universities there. Nashville has 20 of them, ranging from an auto diesel college to one of the premiere private universities in the nation. Therefore, it would reason that if I tell you I went to school in Nashville, you would ask me which one -- there are so many possibilities, the odds of you guessing correctly are clearly not in your favor.

My current job requires that I frequently meet with people, mostly white, from the great state of Tennessee. They're often a little surprised (I can see it in their faces) when they meet me. Between my race-neutral name, race-neutral pattern of speaking (of course, we know that while I say "race-neutral," both my name and the way I often speak are characterized as "white"), people often show up expecting to see someone of a far lighter hue than me. I also lack a noticeable southern accent, though I was born and raised there, so people will often question me about where I'm from. I always say, "I was born and raised in Chattanooga and went to school in Nashville."

A handful of people will nod and move on, but the vast majority of them follow that question up with, "where did you go to school?" and far too many of those people continue by answering for me, "TSU?"
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Flying Mermaid said...

I consistently experience the flipside of this. Though it's hardly insulting in the same way, it still irks me in its close-minded leap to conclusions, and tempts me to drop in matricide, for effect.

I grew up in the NYC area, in an upper-middle class family, all of whom graduated from Ivy League schools. And yet, I never finished 9th grade. Clearly this proves I'm some sort of dangerous deviant. As proof, I learned to say FUCK YOU at a very early age.

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