A teaser...

Before I jump into the 30 day blog challenge, I thought I'd spend a moment talking about what's been going on.

You all know I quit one job to move for school where I started another job. These things were the impetus for my no-blogging/light-twitter.

Since I've been in school, I've had the great fortune of making good friends. It's not been easy because I had friends here already. This is my alma mater; a lot of my friends stayed here after graduation. I wanted to make new friends within my cohort, but my job took up all the spare time I had. I've been able, though, to carve out spare time to get to know them all better and there are quite a few I'm glad to call friends.

Work...uhh... I don't want to talk about that. I'm still working on a campaign for Governor. This candidate will most likely win on Tuesday. I'm petrified as to what happens after, though.

The personal life has taken a back seat that's not so back. While I do good to get to work, class and do all the things that are required of me in all those places every day, going to school for a counseling degree requires a LOT of self-reflection, including practice sessions with fellow cohort members. I've had to share things with basic strangers that I've not even ever shared with close friends (though I've probably shared some of those things here, with you). That's been so interesting for me; I've surprised myself with how relatively easily I open up to strangers... maybe because I know that whether they judge me or not, it doesn't matter. In any case, my personal life isn't doing a whole lot, but I'm having to do a whole lot of thinking about it.

By the time most of you see this, my first post in the 30-day blog challenge should be up.

Oh how I've missed you. :)

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