The Inauguration

I currently live and work in DC and so I was excited, but also a little nervous about the inauguration. While for many it was an opportunity to see our nation's capital, for those of us who call this place home, having 2-4M people coming into the city was a bit unnerving. I finally decided worrying about the insanity wasn't worth it and instead focused attention on enjoying time well-spent with friends and above all else witnessing history.

On Inauguration Day I got up at 4:00am and made my way to 1st and Louisiana NW where the entrance for purple ticket holders was. Two friends and I got into line at 5:30am and waited... and waited... and waited.

That's why I was waiting and as many people know, the vast majority of people who got purple tickets were not allowed entry. Am I frustrated? Sure. A little upset with what was obviously failure and incompetence on the part of Capitol Police who should've had this under better control? Absolutely. But a friend pointed out that ultimately, I'll always be able to say I was here, I saw the crowds and in my own way was a part of history.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about how everybody felt who currently live in DC or the Tri-state area. I know it was bit a much for you all.

A.Smith said...

Man, it was crazy. Not AS crazy as I anticipated, but I think that's because I wasn't out in it as much. I didn't really get a grasp for what was going on until the day of the inauguration...

brohammas said...

My wife was in that crowd. Abunch of people crowded around and watched a pocket TV her friend had.
At least ya'll were there.

A.Smith said...

Brohammas -- You're right. We were there and I can always say I was there. Plus, I saw the inauguration on tv and had a great view. :) I feel bad for the people who spent so much money to get here and didn't get in. It's getting interesting how they plan to make up for it...

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