The Day the Music Started

I love music. I have documented so much of my life with music. I can hear certain songs and immediately return to a point in my past and re-live that point with so much imagery and feeling. I love music.

I can remember the moment when I really developed a love for the art form. I was about 8 or 9 and my cousin April was babysitting me. I've always looked up to April -- and at that time, I did especially. She had the most amazing collection of CDs I had ever seen and I always hoped to have as many as she did.

This particular afternoon, she allowed me to play her CDs. I picked TLC - CrazySexyCool. I sat on the couch and listened to every song following along in the CD jacket (remember when artists still thought enough of paying customers to tell us what the hell they were saying?) The last song on the CD is Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes f/ Andre 3000 and it was *THAT* song that hooked me.

Everyone likes music, but I love it. Over the years, I've become open to all types and about the only type of music I just can't make a part of my collection is techno. But there's something about R&B that I adore. For me, R&B has a cool that rock doesn't have, a smooth that country doesn't have, a maturity that rap lacks.

Just thought I'd share that. :)


A. Red said...

This is by far my FAVORITE TLC album. Don't you miss the days when women relied on TALENT, CHARM, AND PERSONALITY to sell record? I'm so nostalgic for those days man.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me. Music is the soundtrack to my life. Certain songs remind of certain people, places, etc. CrazySexyCool is a classic. A few years ago I got my car broken into and they stole all my cds including that one. I was more pissed about that cd being stolen than my window busted

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