Blackness and Education

What happens to a person's racial identity when they attend private school? How many black points do you lose when you jump the lane and decide to attend school with the rich white kids whose parents own things larger than homes and cars? Depending upon who you ask, you might actually lose your soul or at least cease to be black.

Many parents want to get their kids out of failing public schools and into prestigious private schools because they worry their children won't be able to get into good colleges and they in turn worry how that will effect their lives. Meanwhile, it seems the only thing other parents are worried about is how "black" (or not black) their child will seem if they are afforded the same opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Hi :)

I agree. School is school.Yes some are better than others but guess what? you are still being educated at the end of the day. This is what really matters...the whole debate about "blackness" is crazy. I am sick and tired of it. A person should not be going to school to identify his/her race anyway...he/she is there to learn.

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