Do you believe in the phrase "Love conquers all?"

Not really. I believe the phrase "Love is not enough" is far more accurate. Love is important, but it's really mutually exclusive when you start talking about it in terms of a relationship working. I've seen relationships last though the love is gone (think 2 people who stay together for the kids) while other relationships fall apart even though both people love each other very much.

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Shawnta said...

What do you think of FormSpring? I see a lot of people using it now and was wondering if you get crazy, off the wall (read as inappropriate & offensive) questions?

A.Smith said...

I always say that if I could gain any superhero power it would be invisibility. I love knowing what people say/think when they're most comfortable. It's unfortunate, but anonymity provides the greatest level of comfort. I like it.

Having said that, I haven't had any inappropriate or offensive questions asked as of yet... we'll see how I feel about it in that case, but more than likely I'll look at it as part of the game you play when you allow people to ask anonymous questions.

Jara said...

I sooooo agree with you on this one, Ashley. "Love conquers all" is one of those cliches that I dislike because it's not true. Love is a great motivator to hang in there with someone through the hard times, but it can't magically keep a relationship together without active participation from the two people involved. I've heard people use this statement to justify staying in hurtful and dysfunctional relationships...because "love conquers all". I prefer "Love and good relationship skills conquers all.".

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