We're all in need of something, from time to time. Especially with regards to human contact. We need to be loved, need to know we're loved; need to feel wanted, need to know we're wanted, etc...

It's ok to need and to express that need.

But when does being in need become being needy?

This morning, I checked my facebook, as I do regularly, and a friend of mine who recently left the DC area had a status that said she was missing her DC friends/life. There were 5 comments and 3 comments echoed the 1st comment which was, essentially, "What about us?"

Cue Total...

She didn't say that she didn't miss her TN friends -- she was just feeling nostalgic about where she's spent the last 3 years of her life.

I mean, that's like me talking about how much I miss undergrad (and I do) and someone from high school saying "what about high school??" I mean, really? I just did undergrad -- makes more sense that that's what I miss.

It's that need to be acknowledged in the most random of places that I can't deal with. Seriously -- do you not have friends you can call up and talk to and be reassured that someone out there loves you? And can you not do that without being so painfully needy?

Why do people do that? What's with the constant need to be acknowledged? I wouldn't be surprised if I called my friend right now and she told me those people she hasn't spoken to in months, which means they probably haven't thought enough about her to call (nor she, them). But because they weren't acknowledged, they had to make a stink about it.

My patience for the needy is and always has been low. I give and give, but you need to calm down. I'll give you what I got when I got it. Make sense?


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This might tie in with your post and should entertain the hell out of you.

A.Smith said...

Kit -- I've seen that and it cracks me up. Hoewver, I struggle to wrap my mind around how she went 2 weeks and didn't think something larger than "he's a jerk" was at play.

Stupid people make me sad.

jjbrock said...

Great post! I am loving your work.

Assertive Wit said...

Sometimes I think there are certain people who just talk/write to see themselves posted somewhere in the cyberworld...

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

That wears me out too. Assertive's right, that type does it strictly for the cyber attention...not knowing that no one cares all that much.

LOL @ the video!

Akirah said...

Thank you for reminding me about Total.

Also, I'm a needy person, but really only with those I'm close to. But that's why we're close...because I enjoy having them in my life and they enjoy having me in theirs.

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