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Earlier today, I retweeted something first said by @sistertoldja that said,
I just feel its okay to be upset, vent and not want any lame Care Bear words of encouragement
I just... ::sigh::

Look, one little piece of advice I give out freely is that everyone looks out their own window. I learned that lesson the hard way and sometimes have to be reminded of that. It ties right into the whole "someone always has it worse..." gem people like to share.

But let me be honest with you, I hate that little tidbit, sometimes. Can I be free to complain about my car without being reminded that some people don't have one. Sometimes I want to whine about my job without being reminded some people don't have one. I'd like to freely gripe about how much I hate wearing glasses without the friendly reminder that some people are blind (ftr: I don't actually hate wearing glasses, but if I did, I'd want to whine about it).

The job thing might be the one a lot of us can relate to. In this economic downturn, you're hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know at least one other person who's lost a job. Some of us even know folks who have lost almost everything because they lost their jobs. I talked about close friends I know who fit this bill.

I have to say that I do -- I really do -- feel terribly about people who have lost everything through little fault of their own.

Their loss, however, doesn't change issues I may be facing or my (and others') need to vent about it.

I'm not talking about folks who are always complaining, who never have a good thing to say about their own lives or situations. Those people do need reminders but we all know those people when we see them.

Does that make me insensitive? I hope not. Everyone has issues and everyone has their way of dealing with it. Venting is one universal way and we should all feel like we can do that without having 50-11 people remind us that "it could be worse" or "at least you have such-and-such..." Everyone looks out their own window man. Everyone.


Shantae said...

I know exactly what you mean. My boyfriend does this to me all the time. He constantly tries to stress to me the level of appreciation I should have for everything existing in my life. I shouldn't be upset because things could be worse. I shouldn't complain because it's not a productive way of dealing with problems. I shouldn't vent because it's not helping anything.. blah blah blah. I value things differently than you. Complaining is a natural human reaction to frustration and disappointment and venting makes me feel better. So leave me alone!!!

CareyCarey said...

It's your party and you can cry if you want to.

And, like you, I tell them to love me or leave me alone. I mean, nobody want's a sad sack sitting around pulling the curtains on their sunshine, but sometimes a little groan is good for the soul.

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