It's Like This; It's Not Like That

Have you ever known someone who sees the world one way and never moves from that view. They want something and they want it this way and so they won't rest until they have it?

Like the girl who's been hanging out with a guy for a while and she wants this to turn into something serious even though he's repeated time and time again "I'm not interested in a relationship..." Or the guy who thinks if he just waits, his hoodrat girl will one day turn out to be Miss America. These people who can't see a situation for exactly what it is.

I had two seperate conversations with two different people about individuals in their lives who essentially represented this. And in both scenarios, my opinion was that the only real option was to back out.

Take the girl who think she can wait long enough for ol' dude to change his mind and get into a real relationship.

I'ma tell you like my grandfather told my mother, and like she told me: "I can show you better than I can tell you..." I say you're LUCKY if you can find someone who will admit they're only in this for whatever temporary gratification they can get out of it. Most times people say what they think they have to in order for you to agree to it. If you're telling someone the honest truth, whatever that is, then you have to keep it pushing. Otherwise, you'll wake up one day in a pit of drama you don't need and were trying to avoid.

People who can't see the forest for the trees on the regular have their own issues that they need to work out. You can explain it to 'em in every way you know, but one thing is true: "People hear the truth when they're ready for it, and only when they're ready for it..."


Anonymous said...

My favorite saying is "when someone tells you who they are, believe them".

You can't change a person.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Yeah, people hear what they wanna hear. It is very annoying. You should have called this "You can't handle the truth", because there are so many people out there who can't handle the truth.

I'm with Southern Gal, accept I say "When someone shows you who they are you better believe them."

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