Um... You Have a What??

True story, happened to my friend. I heard all about it all day, today. Names have been changed and shortened not to protect the innocent (for there are none) but to expedite the telling. :)

B met JP at a restaurant one night while she was out with the girls. JP was out with his cousin DJ and two other friends, one of which B was immediately attracted to. It was JP's number she left the restaurant with, though. B and her bestie hung out with JP and DJ just once after the initial meeting. Both guys seemed really cool, but B wasn't interested in either one of them like that.

JP would randomly text B -- mostly simple things like "Hey, just checking on you..." and B would respond. Then they were speaking on the phone. Finally, they made plans to hang out. They really enjoyed each other's company. On one of their "kick-it" sessions, JP asked B if she saw a future for them. B revealed that she had a boyfriend that she was committed to and really loved and that while she found JP attractive her focus was on her relationship. JP seemed ok with that.

Shortly after that conversation, their contact fell to just phone calls and texts, then only texts. Eventually, the texts became fewer and far between until they stopped all together.

A year and a half later, B happened past JP's number in her phone and she sent him a text to say she was thinking about him. 3 days later he responded that he was glad to hear from her and that they should get up with one another some time. The spoke on the phone once, but their primary way of communicating was text messages. More often than not, B would text JP and he would respond days later.

Then one night, JP called B in a seeming panic. "I'm so sad right now. Where are you?" he asked. B told him she was away from home, out with some friends. JP told her that DJ had been shot and killed two nights previous and he was having a rough time. B rushed home and met him outside. JP came in and it was clear to B that he was drunk. She consoled him and sat with him until he seemed sober enough to drive home.

2 days later, B awoke to missed calls and text messages. All from JP. The texts said that his girlfriend wanted to speak to her and he was hoping she'd take the phone calls and tell the girlfriend the nature of their relationship. B was shocked. JP had never mentioned a girlfriend, even when she'd mentioned her boyfriend.

Unsure of what to do, she ignored the texts hoping JP would work it out on his own. A few hours later, she noticed her phone lighting and looked down. A number she didn't recognize was displayed on the phone's screen. Concerned, B didn't answer. The caller called back immediately. B ignored the call. Feeling like the number was familiar, B scrolled through her phonebook. She stumbled upon a number that was only 2 digits different from the mystery number. That number belonged to JP.

B sent JP a text that told him his girl could call her back, but to be warned that she was planning to be honest about them, including the fact that he'd never mentioned her.

MG called B shortly after. She was cordial on the phone and asked B to explain her relationship with JP. B was honest and forthright, including that had she known he had a girlfriend, he would've sent him home to her instead of letting him cry at her place. MG dropped yet another twist to the story. She wasn't JP's girlfriend, she was his fiancee and they lived together. B's mouth fell open in shock as she recalled asking JP if he lived with anyone and his emphatic response, "no."

While staying calm, MG shared that she didn't trust what B was telling her or what JP was saying but she appreciated B's time. The conversation ended and B just shook her head trying to understand what game had just been played.


Angelle said...

Boys will lie, boys will lie, boys will lie

A.Smith said...

@Angelle -
Say that!

But you know what? People lie. It's a problem... a dang problem...

N.Kisses* said...

umm see i never like when girls get mad at other girls....sometimes people just dont know!

A.Smith said...

RIGHT! I don't ever understand that either. Like I told my friend, girlfriend clearly got issues with her man and instead of sitting HIM down she wants to attack all the external things.

At least she was cordial, but I still would've had to tell her about herself...

Alix said...

What was the point in the fiancee calling if she wasn't going to listen to what B was saying anyway?

A.Smith said...

That's what I said. I told B as she relayed the story to me that if I were the other girl, I never would've called her. What purpose did that serve? Unless B said "Yeah, we've been sleeping together" (which, if they had, why would she?) ol' girl was never gonna believe her. Which only further illuminates how the problem is with MG and JP, B was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time (trying to be a good friend).

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