It hurts

I can't do posts on Monday. I spend most of the morning catching up on all the posts I missed over the weekend. Also, lest we forget, I have a "real" job so... I'm catching up on that. By the time I get around to doing real work my day is more than half-way over.

So, this is all you're getting for right now and this is because I love you. I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Drake definitely has next. Him and Charles Hamilton.

A.Smith said...

I love this dude. I was walking to the train this morning thinking "i'm really listening to a hip-hop mix tape and liking it and not hoping the next song on random on my iPod is better..."

Anonymous said...

LOL Yea this dude is definitely hip hop.

A. Red said...

This song, Night Off, and Bria's Interlude are in CONSTANT ROTATION right now!!!

A.Smith said...

A- I've been bumping Houstalantavegas like I need to get out of there! :)

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