So I'm perusing the ol' blog as I do from time to time -- reading what I wrote, realizing how I ramble, hoping the people who do check this out actually get what I'm saying... blah blah blah and it occurred to me that while it's accessible, my contact information is not obvious. So there it is ---->

Send me an e-mail. Send me an e-mail about anything. I'll respond, I'm good at that. I know some people don't want to comment, but I'm sure some of the stuff I say at least makes you wanna call me stupid, right? :)

If you're into instantaneous, try Twitter: ASmith86 Google Chat: DarkDiamond2008 or AIM: PlatinumGold2000 (hey, I've had it since 1999... so sue me...)


Keith said...

Will do..Will be sending you that
e-mail soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog..I'll make it a point to stop by here more often.

Anonymous said...

Hola... stopping by to say hello. hope all is well. Thanks for the for comforting words on the post about my father. I appreciate it.

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