I started another post, and got sidetracked by a ridiculous amount of pointless meetings.

I don't like being the token black kid. I do it, though, because... well, I'm not sure.

But really what I don't like is when people act like that's not what's happening.

What brought this on, you ask?

I've been asked to sit in on a meeting next week that I'm not needed in so I can be a like-faced representative of our office.

Token black kid.

I've just decided to address this issue with one of my managers. It's not that I'm uncomfortable, I'm happy to sit in on the meeting. Black folks like seeing other black folks. Everyone, however, in the room will know why I'm there and I know they will be insulted... I'm a little insulted. Hell, I'm not sure how I feel. Somewhere between surprise and insult, I think.

I hope I finally get to do at least ONE of the posts I've been wanting to do. Lord help me.


Tamara said...

Don't be insulted. Look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn a new area. Although you may not be needed, I am sure you will have valuable input. Network and keep it movin!

Anonymous said...

I guess situations like this can be touchy when you have somewhat ill feelings about it inside. I guess though I'd have to agree with Tamara. If you do say something then your feelings may be taken the wrong way and next you'll be the sensitive black kid.

A.Smith said...

Tamara - I definitely saw it as a professional opportunity and under normal circumstances would be HAPPY to just sit there and soak up the information. In fact, even under these circumstances I'm happy to do that. My issue is more that I don't want them to think I don't know what's going on and I want them to know that in the future I'd rather someone call a spade a spade and not act like there's no pink elephant in the room.

Glennisha - I'm hoping I have a good enough read on and repoire with my LD that he won't take what I say the wrong way. In any case, he put me in this situation so...

Both of ya'll made good points and forced me to think about it some more. I think I'm still going to speak on it though. It won't sit right with me if I don't.

ShantaeMarlinda said...

I agree with the other responses. This is merely another stepping stone you'll have to find a way to step over. You know! That whole ..when live gives you....... something make something else out of it? I don't remember, but I know it was making something good out of something bad lol

I hope it was anyway.

A.Smith said...

ShantaeMarlinda- You're right. I'm trying to figure out how to use this as a stepping stone while also not looking like an idiot in front of 25 women I've never met before.

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