Fear Not

Those who follow me on Twitter know I'm here.

Those who don't may think I've abandoned it.

I'm trying to pull it together, but failing. Hopefully next week I can crank out some real posts (while, ironically, I'm on vacation).

In the meantime, check out the blogs I'm reading everyday.

This May Concern You
-Doesn't matter if it's serious or not, Damon/Monica always have a quality and thought-provoking open letter.

A Belle in Brooklyn
-Relative to most of the commenters, I'm a newbie, but I lurked for a while before I began commenting. Belle is a great writer and her posts are also very thought provoking.

What Would Thembi Do
-Seriously, I love Thembi. Her knowledge of black pop culture is vast and amazing and I love it!

Jack & Jill Politics
-Very smart people post and comment here. I've learned a lot just reading the comments and engaging in discussions.

Necole Bitchie
-Twitter usually feeds me enough random info about who's doing who with whom and for how long, but Necole is always there to fill in the gaps.

Tha Feedback
-I check out The IPS's commentary on songs I've already heard and video's I've already seen because I love it.

The Outlook
-Ok, it's my other blog. I don't update it regularly, but what is there is quality stuff. If you haven't read any of the (very) old posts, please do. It's worthwhile.

And as ALWAYS there are the archived posts here. Allow me to recommend:

High Standards
-Sometimes, I just can't take how much people want.

You Think Your Thoughts and I'll Think Mine
-Taking a walk in someone else's shoes never became so real.

-Definitely the most overused and misused phrase in mainstream popular culture. What is a hater and what do we do with them?

Girlfriend Friends
-Lets face it, girls are not easy to have as friends.

I Need To Get Out of This Box
-Let me be different.

Of course there's also the Series to catch up on (or just re-read, because if you're like me, you've forgotten half of it), and a handful of stories I may or may not have told over the last year.

Hope this ties everyone over until I can get my A game back on. I have much to share and much to tell and definitely a whole lot of thoughts to get out. I've been working on a lot of short stories, and I'm hoping to be able to share one with you in the very near future.

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