I'm sure by now most of you have heard the leaked remix to Turning Me On where Keri Hilson supposedly disses Ciara (others say Beyonce, but a now removed youtube video shows Keri saying it wasn't Beyonce). An Atlanta radio station hosted both ladies and tried to play mediator. You can hear some of it here.

One of the first things Keri says is "this was directed to the haters..."

Now let me say something, hating is a real epidemic these days. No one wants to see anyone else do well and it's a shame. That being as it is, haters are a dime a dozen. You are NOT special because you have haters. We all do. Additionally, having a hater doesn't validate you. And not everyone who dislikes you and what you are doing is a hater.

"The haters" are turning into a group like "they." You know "they." "They" say a whole lot of stuff that's supposed to be representative of our society, or a large group and rarely is. No one knows any individuals from "they" but we all know "they." More and more artists are coming out with these extra-gangsta attack songs and when confronted are too scared to call a spade a spade and instead blame it on "the haters."

I have been guilty of sticking my foot in my mouth, more than once. In fact, that's part of why I'm more likely than not going to say exactly what I think. If I'm going to get busted for it, might as well own it, might as well make sure my intents are made clear, right? I understand a lot of being celebrity is about PR. I understand the media blows things out of proportion and people have died behind the media trying to make a buck off a fake beef (see Biggie and Pac). As a result I also understand how it can be important for a celebrity to try to brush a mistake under the rug but can we NOT always blame it on "the haters?"

We can keep letting "the haters" get away with everything and eventually "the haters" will join the ranks of "they" and start speaking for us and telling us what to do. This statement is tongue-in-cheek now, but may be reality before you know it.

So like I said, we've all got haters. I don't like my haters, they piss me off. They don't motivate me, (they don't hinder me either) they bother me and they are a nuisance. Just as they want to be. I don't give them credit for anything I do, hell, I don't want them knowing what I do. I think too many of us thinks it makes us the bigger person to say that "the haters" motivate us. It doesn't. You give them more power in giving them purpose. I do my best to effectively ignore my haters and somewhere inside, I wish them well, but I can not, will not with a forkk even give the impression that their antics might have helped me do anything in my life.

We gotta be careful with this "the haters" business, people.


Dafonzarelli said...

Gee Golly A.Smith...

you took a miseducation post from me, you have earned a link of reference.

I fully agree, a hater does not make you stronger or motivate you. I also agree that its not a 'validation of accomplishment' to have a hater. Some people need to be hated on.

I mean...

Does not a hater have a hater too?

What/who is a hater exactly?

A.Smith said...

I appreciate the link. :)

But you're absolutely right. What/who is a hater? I was having this same discussion on facebook. I think my friend and I will have to agree to disagree...

And AMEN to "some people need to be hated on..." Some folks are just grimy and dirty and having a hater, as I've said, doesn't make it right...

Anonymous said...

I heard about that Keri Hilson mess. I agree I think if you're going to say something just own up to it. I know that I have no problem repeating anything that I say or write. I do think that haters can motivate you because it most cases if someone is hating for no reason it means that you must be doing something right. I know it feels like to be hated on for no apparent reason at all. A while back I tried to start an online magazine. In the process I got a few anonymous hate emails. I wasn't sure who exactly they were from but, i had a few ideas. I'm not saying that I'm an angel but, I didn't anything to anyone for someone to just hate and try to put bad energy out and what I was trying to do. I kept it moving and used it as will power to continue to do me and go after my goal.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I had no idea that Jill Scott song that song.

A. Red said...

"...haters are a dime a dozen. You are NOT special because you have haters. We all do. Additionally, having a hater doesn't validate you. And not everyone who dislikes you and what you are doing is a hater."


I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!! I'm tired of ppl sticking their chests out because they think they have haters. GET REAL.

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