Teach You A Lesson Pt 3

Part 2

As always, this is fiction with some basis in truth

The next day at school, Angela didn’t see Nina anywhere. Usually she couldn’t get away from her. Normally this would’ve been a welcomed break, but she was really confused about the last thing Nina said to her on the phone.

Occupied in her own mind, Angela walked right into Evan on her way to her first period class.

“Hi,” he said with a huge grin on his face.

“Hi,” she said. He has eyes I could get lost in, Angela thought.

“So are you pumped for tonight?”

“Uh. Yeah. Sure!” Angela wanted to sound upbeat even though she was very confused.

Evan smiled, “Yeah, Nina dumped this on me last minute, too. I hope you didn't have other plans."

Angela hesitated. She had promised to go see this movie with Shannon, but she didn't want Evan to think she didn't want to hang out. "Oh no. No other plans. It was last minute, but perfect timing." Angela didn't think of herself as a good liar, but when Evans face never changed from that beautiful smile, she figured he bought it.

Ok. Well I’ll see you tonight, then.” Evan said as he walked off.

Before Angela could fully gather her thoughts, Shannon caught up to her.

“So what’s the plan?” Shannon asked.

“We’re meeting up with him and some guy who goes to Havenfield after his football practice and then we’re going to the movies. Angela wants to do some Student Council stuff while we wait.”

“Angela, don’t you think this is so weird? I mean, Evan didn’t even say boo to you before yesterday and now he wants to go on a date with you, but Nina is the one who set it up?”

“Yeah, it is kinda odd. Evan told me he didn't know about it until the last minute either, but surely Nina has some good plan. She just hasn’t told me everything yet.”

“Well,” Shannon hesitated. She had heard some dirt on Nina from her older sister who was in Nina’s class, but she wasn’t sure whether or not she should tell Angela.

“Well what?” Angela asked.

“I’ve been hearing some things about Nina. Her and Evan-“

“Wait. Tell me at lunch. I gotta go talk to Mr. Williams about this paper before class starts!” Angela started jogging towards a tall man at the other end of the hall.

Shannon shook her head. If what her sister had told her was true, Angela was in trouble and she had to make sure she got to her before Nina did.

Shannon looked everywhere for Angela at lunch, but she never saw her. She really wished she hadn’t left her phone in her locker so she could text Angela to meet her before she saw Nina that afternoon.

Meanwhile, Angela had found Nina. Or, rather, Nina found Angela. They were in the Student Council office talking.

“I can’t go tonight.” Nina told Angela.

“Why not?”

“Well, for one, Mark canceled and I don’t want to play third wheel and I have a huge paper due tomorrow that I forgot all about.”

“Can’t we reschedule or something?” Angela asked. She was getting a really uneasy feeling.

“Reschedule? Why would we do that? Evan’s really excited to go out with you. Just go. You’ll be fine.” Nina reassured her.

“Oh. That reminds me!” Angela was finally going to figure out why Nina had made it a point to suggest she bring something nice to wear.

“But wait,“ Nina said, as if she hadn’t heard Angela speak, “there’s something you should know. Evan might not want to go to the movies. If he suggests doing something else, just go with it. Be open, ok?”

“Why would he want to do something else?” Angela asked. This kept getting weird.

“That’s not important, obviously. Evan really likes you and I think he probably wants to settle down and get a girlfriend finally. He’s been telling me how he’s been watching you and he really likes you. He says you’re not like these other girls.”

Angela’s face frowned up a little. She was young but she wasn’t stupid. She didn’t know what was going on.

Nina sensed Angela was hesitating, so she attempted to reassure her. This plan hinged on tonight going smoothly. “All I’m saying is, just be open. Maybe he’ll want to go to the park to talk or something. This could be your chance to rule this school. You and Evan? You guys would be the envy of everyone. Plus, this would give you some credit with my class. I don’t think I want to be President next year and this way you’d be sure to get the position.”

Angela was still unsure, but the truth was, she did like Evan. He was cute and seemed friendly. She had heard some rumors about him, but he seemed like such a nice guy. I could get to know him better she thought.

“Ok, Nina. Thanks for the advice.” She was annoying sometimes, but Angela appreciated that Nina had taken to her and wanted to help her out.

“You better get to class,” Nina said, looking at the clock. As Angela left, Nina thought about her history with Evan. She felt bad for the trap she was sending Angela into, but she knew this would help Angela get ready. If she intended to be anybody in this school, she needed to know you can’t trust everybody.

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