Teach You A Lesson Pt 4

Part 3

Saturday afternoon, there was a knock at Angela’s bedroom door. It opened slowly and Shannon walked in. Angela looked up from her book, surprised to see her.

“Hey girl,” Shannon began.

“Hey yourself. I called you after I got home last night. Why didn’t you answer?” Angela asked.

“I don’t know. I should have. I’m so sorry, Angela. I feel so responsible. I should’ve tried to find you to tell you-“

“Wait. Tell me what? What do you feel responsible for?” Angela asked.

Shannon hesitated. Angela didn't look upset. “Tell you about Nina and Evan. But tell me about your date.” Shannon said, a bit confused.

“Well, firstly, Nina canceled at the last minute so it was just me and Evan.”
Shannon nodded.

Angela continued, “so I met Evan outside of the football practice field and we hopped in his car. On our way to the movies, he asked me if I was tired. I told him I was a little bit and he suggested maybe we should go to his house and watch TV, instead.”

Shannon sighed, her sister warned her about Evan’s tactics. She was sure she knew this story. She nodded her head for Angela to continue.

“I said we could do whatever he wanted. Nina warned me he might want to do something different. Plus, I figured that meant you and I could still go see the movie today. The oddest thing, happened, though.”

“What?” Shannon asked, almost jumping from her chair.

“He smiled at me. Got quiet and then said, ‘Nah. Let’s just go see the movie.’.”

“Huh?” Shannon asked. This wasn’t what she expected.

“Yeah. I know. Weird, right? So we went and saw the movie. He brought me home and that was it. I mean he was such a gentleman which is a little different from what everyone usually says about him. I called you last night because I remembered you had something you wanted to tell me about Nina and Evan and I thought maybe it might explain. I figured maybe he likes her and she’s trying to dump him on me.”

“N-no” Shannon stuttered, very confused. Maybe her sister had lied. “It’s just that my sister told me that everyone in their class knows that Nina is in love with Evan. He asked her out on a date her freshman year and after that one date, she’s been the ice-queen everyone knows her as now. My sister says it’s well-known Evan is a dog and he only takes girls out so he can sleep with them. The faster he can get in your pants, the better and that Evan keeps Nina around because she finds girls for him, especially young ones.”

“Well,” Angela began, “he didn’t do that to me. Maybe your sister was wrong.”

“Yeah,” Shannon trailed off, “maybe she was, but for some reason I don’t really think so. You remember Katie? She went out with Evan once and I heard her in the bathroom crying to her friends about how after that one time, he wouldn’t return her calls or anything. Later, I heard that Nina was the one who set it up.”

“You really think Nina was trying to set me up?” Angela asked.

“I don’t know, only she can say, but this is really weird.”

Angela thought about it for a minute. If Nina was trying to set her up, that would be really bad, but either way she was fine and Evan seemed like a really nice guy.

Angela’s phone rang, then. It was Nina.

“You know what?” Angela asked, but didn’t wait for an answer, “let’s go to the movies now. Whatever Nina wants, she can just leave a message. I haven’t hung out with my best friend in weeks!”

When Angela didn’t answer, Nina smirked to herself knowing the plan was working well. By Sunday, Angela would call her looking for answers and she’d be more than prepared to tell her the truth about the way the world worked.
It was a tough lesson to learn, but someone had to teach it. At least, she thought, Angela would have someone to go to, unlike when it happened to her. Nina recalled feeling so alone after Evan used her. He wouldn’t call her back, he avoided her in the hallway and she knew everyone was laughing at her.

Before she could get upset again, her phone rang. She smiled to herself thinking Angela was calling her back ahead of schedule. She answered without checking the caller ID.

“I really like her,” a familiar male voice boomed over the speaker.

“What?” Nina asked confused. This wasn’t Angela. She looked at the phone’s display. It was Evan! “You really like her?”

“Yeah, man. I mean, you really found a gem for me. There’s something about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but I like her.”

“What?” Nina asked again. “What did ya’ll do last night?”

“Nothing,” Evan admitted, “and it was cool. I just liked hanging out with her. She’s really sweet.”

Nina was shocked. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go at all.

Evan interrupted her thoughts with a new tone. “Look, I gotta go. Angela’s cool, but what’s up with her friend, Shannon? You think I could get with her? You could set that up, too. Just keep your eye on Angela and let me know if any guy tries to approach her. She’s special. I’ll call you later, Nina.” Evan hung up.

Nina didn’t realize he’d hung up for awhile. She sat in her chair with her mouth open. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go at all. When she tried to call Angela again, her phone went straight to voicemail. Furious, Nina threw her phone against the wall and began crying. How could Evan like Angela but not her?

Eventually, Nina stopped crying and started laughing. She felt like she was going crazy but she knew better. There was a lesson in this for her. She should’ve covered her bases better. Angela was too perfect. She’d pick a better target next time – she’d had her eye on Shannon, anyway.


EMF said...

Great story and excellent writing. Will there be a part 5? I am excited to see how this plays out.

A.Smith said...

EMF- No part 5 as of right now, but we'll see. :)

Thanks for reading it!

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