Teach You A Lesson Pt 1

Mr. SmartGuy asked me a question on formspring (check out the handy dandy box you can use to ask me anything, anonymously ---->): "What inspires you to write?" It was a good question that I rambled something off about I inspire myself or some such -- but I think I have a better answer...

Writing has always been a good way for me to explore the things going on in my life. The first short story I ever wrote was in the 8th grade and was about a big family coming together for Christmas. I was inspired by a family I saw in a movie theater. I liked imagining who they were, what brought them together and how their family might interact like my own. Sometimes, my writings help me to take an event that's actually happened and discuss, through my own characters, why certain things may have happened the way they did. It's like getting in somebody's head without having to talk to them. Very therapeutic.

Anyway, in that vein, check out the first part of a short story I recently wrote..

As always... This is a fictional story with some basis in the truth.

Jackson High was a typical high school in a typical city in a typical American state. The students all fell into some clique. The jocks, the popular girls (who were also all beautiful), the nerds, the outcasts – everyone had a group to belong to, whether they liked it or not. Everyone, that is, except Angela Blakemore.

Angela was beautiful, smart and friendly. It seemed she floated from clique to clique with ease. All the jocks wanted to date her, the popular girls all wanted to be her friend and the nerds and outcasts were just happy that she smiled at them instead of scrunching her face up in disgust when she saw them. Her teachers all had nothing but good things to say and by sophomore year, Angela had already risen to Vice-President of Student Council, under the Presidency of Nina Jones.

Nina was a junior who had a reputation that preceded her. Like Angela, she was smart and beautiful but she had a cold exterior that made it hard to get close to her. She had her pick of boyfriends, too, but they were all mostly scared of her. While she had been more than eligible for the position of President, a spot normally only held by a Senior, she won because everyone was afraid of what would happen if they didn’t vote for her.

Nina hand-picked Angela as her VP. Angela enjoyed student council, but as a freshman had only been a class representative. She had no intentions of ascending the ranks so quickly, but Nina had taken a liking to her and didn’t really give her a choice in the matter when election time rolled around.

“So,” Nina began during one of their regular nightly phone calls, “are you ready to be VP?” Angela had figured Nina had been grooming her for this role, but was careful not to assume much.

“I don’t know, Nina. Don’t you think a Senior might want the position?” Angela asked hesitantly.

“I don’t actually care what Senior wants what. I’m a shoe-in for President and I want you as my VP. The end.”

Angela didn’t argue. She knew she was lucky that an older student like Nina had taken her under her wing.

Of all the jocks, Evan Harris was easily the most envied. He could have any girl he wanted and he usually did. Any girl who had ever spent any time with him knew he was a dog and after only one thing. The only problem was, most girls just wanted to be able to say they had gotten a shot with him; after all, Evan only wanted the best of the best and even though after a night with him, most girls felt ashamed, they could at least hold their head up in school the next day knowing they were the envy of most every other girl, especially the younger girls who liked having any Senior, let alone the captain of the football team, pay attention to them.

No one knew this better than Nina. Though everyone was afraid of her, there had been a time where she was dumb and naive. She shuddered to think of it now, but she had gone to great lengths to make sure that what Evan had done to her, no one would ever do again.

It was mid-way through the first semester and there had not yet been anything notable to happen at Jackson High. Nothing notable except that Angela could feel Nina encroaching on her space. Every time she turned around, it seemed, Nina was right there. She always had a new project to work on for Student Council. There was no denying it – she was turning out to be one of the best Presidents ever. Student Council was under budget with most of their events and had even had a few successful fundraising drives. Angela felt proud that she could say she was a part of these successes, but sometimes she really needed a break.

“I don’t know about her,” Angela began during a lunch conversation with her best friend Shannon, “she’s always talking about Student Council stuff. I wonder if she ever thinks about anything else. It’s a wonder she can keep her grades up!”

“I’m sure!” Shannon chirped. Angela and Shannon had been best friends since pre-school and Shannon had noticed that Angela had less and less time for her these days. She was also concerned about the role Nina was taking in Angela’s life. She didn’t feel like Angela would ever try to replace her, but she did feel like Nina wanted all of Angela’s attention, all of the time.

“It’s like you guys are always together. We haven’t had a chance to hang out in weeks.” Shannon started whining. She didn’t mean to, but she missed her best friend.

Angela forked a piece of broccoli and stuffed it in her mouth to chew while she thought about things. “You’re right,” she said as she swallowed the vegetable, “we haven’t had a chance to hang out. I’ll tell you what. I promise we’ll do something this weekend. Isn’t there a new movie coming out? Dead Clown Posse 3 or something?”

Shannon started laughing, “No, Angela. It’s Dope Clown Posse 2! If you’re game, though, I’m game!”

Just then, Shannon saw Evan come up behind Angela. Her eyes opened wide and just as Angela started to ask what was wrong, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

“Hey cutie.” Evan was staring down at Angela with a smile that could melt ice. Angela had heard about Evan, but she was still intrigued by him.

“Hi,” she responded.

Just as suddenly and coolly as he had walked up, Evan walked away.

“What was that about?” Shannon asked the obvious question.

“I have no earthly idea.” Angela said.

Check back tomorrow for Pt 2

Part 2


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