Don't Ya Know Me

This is part 2 of the episode, but in short, Lena's friends from back home come to visit and so ensues the epic "old friends" vs. "new friends."

What I was most struck by is what happens beginning at 3:59. This is the inevitable "you've changed" conversation that seems to happen when one person in a group takes such a divergent path (and going to college is VERY different from not going).

For me it has been slightly passive. None of my friends have come right out and said they think I've changed. Probably because many of them actually can appreciate, on some levels, my success this far. However, when I'm home and we're all hanging out I can hear it in how they choose the words they use carefully. They don't want to "sound stupid" they want to feel like we're on the same level despite the fact that I seem to intimidate them.

I can't change my educational background. In fact, I feel as if we are on the same level -- I have a degree, yes, but that hasn't changed who I am as a person, the person they decided to be friends with. Their (albeit perceived) intimidation sets me on edge and I go above and beyond attempting to set them at ease. My track record suggests that the only thing that accomplishes this is alcohol (or other substances that may or may not be legal.

My life is different from theirs, but that's to be expected as we get older and our circumstances all change. My friends who have children have life experiences, as of now, that I don't have. This lends them to a view of the world I don't have and I'm so interested in hearing what it is, unfortunately I don't always feel like they are interested in hearing mine...

Any of you experience this?

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CareyCarey said...

Hello Ms. Diamond, everything must change, some for the good and some for the bad. Leaving a lover or leaving home, the experience can be rewarding and in some cases sad. Today I am listening to a song that goes: "Do you still love me, do you still, do you still. After all we've been through, do you still love me"

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