Back For the First Time

I felt as if the title to this blog was so appropriate. Initially I was going to title it "Welcome Back" but that's so basic and such a given... so... I stole it from the title of one of Ludcris's CD's (his major label debut, I believe)..

It is good to be back. I got moved in, with little fighting with my mom (which is a lot for us) and then she and I went to eat. I came back, finished putting things away (and smacked myself for forgetting BOTH phone chargers at home) and laid around until Joey called.

Joey, me and his mom went to Burger King and to a movie. We saw The Skeleton Key. Can you say... wrong? Joey loved it, I thought it was okay and his mom thought it was kinda stupid. Maybe because it's set in New Orleans and was filmed in New Orleans... and Joey's from... N.O. there was bias, I think.

Tomorrow most people have to get up to go pack, lots of peopel will be moving in, I"m sure and I will be trying to sleep. It should be rather successful, since my phone has to be turned off at night to save the battery. Luckily, Kayla's phone charger fits mine, so I'll be in her room charging my phone semi-periodically until mine arrives in the mail.

I've had a headache for the better part of today, so I think I want to go to sleep.

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