Fun Day

I finally got out of the bed at around 2:30 (I usually wake up at 12:00, but try to wait until my mom leaves for work). I showered, dressed and drove out to Northgate to pick up Lindsey. She and I ate at Arby's and went to the mall and looked around in some additional stores. We had fun. I didn't even get home until around 6:00.

I actually cooked yesterday, so I ate some of the leftovers and sat around and watched TV aimlessly until about 9:00 when Big Brother 6 came on. Joey and I watch BB6 in our respective homes and then call each other to talk about it. I'm sure that when we get back to school, we'll be watching it together every night it comes on! We're addicts. No lie. It's fun to be able to do that with a close friend, like Joey.

Ahh... 10 days until I leave. Can you believe it? Well maybe you can, but I sure can't.


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