Drama, Drama, Drama

Let me say that I haven't even been here a for real week yet. I mean I've been here over a full week... but I haven't done a full week of classes yet and there is so much craziness going on.

For starters, Joey's from N.O. (New Orleans) he knows his family is in Texas but as of last night... he wasn't able to find them because of the hurricane and now we can't find him because cell phone towers are down in N.O... it's just sketch ball all the way around.

The bigger thing is that I've got a pal... who may or may not have been raped. We don't know for sure mostly because she won't tell us what the heck is going on. What we do know is that someone found her in a frat house with nothing but boxers on and she had alcohol poisoning... she was rushed to the hospital, they pumped her stomach and all is well, except for this one little thing. She hasn't slept in her room alone (well, at all) since then (and thatw as the first party of the year... before classes even started) and she refuses to go anywhere by herself, and there are other... more personal... rather sketchy things that make you sit back and say hmm...

Two of my other friends are intending to sit her down and talk to her and recommend that seh see a counselor since there is clearly some stuff that's bothering her but that she's not willing to share... which is understandable but everyone is tired of walking on eggshells around her and changing subjects because she feels uncomfortable when she won't even admit there's a problem.

Not to sound completely insensitive, but... you get 48 hours of due sympathy from me... at 48 hours, 00 minutes, 01 seconds... if you haven't even attempted to try to handle your stuff "like a grown woman" (to paraphrase one of my favorite people) then my sympathy lessens. I feel bad for her that something has happened and no one really knows what it was... but it needs to be handled because this kind of stuff doesn't go away on it's own. Trust.

Feel free to comment... you can, now... so do that.

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~ Stephen said...

Off to an interesting start, huh??!!

What's the word on Joey? Please keep us posted.

BTW - never listened to Alicia Stone. Just put it there for you. ; )

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