It's All Coming Down

So it's my last week... and of course now everyone wants to see me before I go. On the one hand it's cute, on the other hand it's not. On some level, I really wouldn't mind packing up and leaving without telling anyone goodbye. It's not that I'm angry, but I suck at "goodbye" and so that's just easier. It's called "Avoiding the White Elephant in the living room" I'm a master at that.

I bought a CD case that's made to hold 208 CD's.. I have two pages... that's 16 spaces... left. It's thick and heavy. I arranged everything in alphabetical order. I've since found some CD's I think I should've filed elsewhere, but there's no way I'm re-doing that whole book anytime soon. I also now have 4 empty cd Cases and an empty CD visor... guess I'll just go back to filling those up 'till I need another one to hold 200 CD's... fun times.

Went out with Jill, tonight. We ate and O'Charley's. I met some of her co-workers. I read on her livejournal that she misses hanging out with her frineds outside of work, but on some level... she's alienated us because she spends so much time at work. I'm sure she does miss it, but clearly it's not high on her list of things to rectify. She leaves on Monday.

If I could just get back to this pesky business of packing and finish it, I'd be home free. Joey will be in Nashville in 12 hours. That's crazy.

I said on my xanga that I have nothing to say... I suppose that wasn't true. I guess the more approprate phrasing would be I have nothing profound to say... hmm..

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