Playing Counselor

Well... I woke up from a nap at about a quarter 'till 6:00. My phone has been ringing like crazy, ever since.

First Coretta called. She's got boy issues.
Then Sarah called. She's got boy issues.
Then Lindsey called. She's got boy issues.

To be fair. Coretta doesn' t have serious issues, and Sarah doesn't have bad issues. Lindsey is the one I'm worried about.

I told Coretta I may consider charging people for my advice. I feel like such a relationship counselor, but why me? I have yet to figure out what it is that people look at about me that says "HEY! She'll know how to handle my relationship problems." Let me say, I'm the worst possible person, at least from my own track record. Can you say "dysfunctional?"

This has actually become the norm. Constant phone calls, new drama. Well, usually it's new drama that stems from old drama. I thought that time away from Chattanooga in new cities at new schools for most of my friends would provide that opportunity for us to appreciate each other and our memories, more. On the one hand, it has. On the other hand, it hasn't. Instead, people are trudging up situations from the past. Bringing up dead issues. Issues I thought had been packed under the heaviest rock, under the largest mountain. I was wrong.

On a more positive note, Sarah is having a great time with her boy issues. I'm so happy for her and where she is in her life, right now. It seems to be working for her... unlike how she thought it would be, initially. We all hope to find that one person.

Eh. All this relationship talk has made me very nostalgic and a bit... weak. I should go to sleep before I call someone and say something I'm going to regret later. I already sent a text message. Done enough.


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