My Favorite Place

This is a tough one... I have a lot of places I think of fondly and love going back to.

I love going to where my mom is from. There's a lot of history in that little town and I feel like it's so rich with a culture I'll never fully understand.

I love going to the apartment building my godmother manages. She's been there as long as I've been alive (longer) and it's a building for the elderly. I grew up with a lot of grandmothers and grandfathers. Lots of warm memories.

There's a spot on top of Signal Mtn that J loved. I like to go there and think about him.

I love Best Buy. Music and gadgets. Doesn't get better than that.

I love my mama's house. It's not the house I grew up in (love that place too) but it's where my mama is and I really like the house.

But maybe my favorite place isn't really one place. I like to be where people I love are. That can be almost anywhere. I guess I buy heavily into the idea that "home is where the heart is..." I have a lot of homes. Lots of places I know I can go if I need a break, or a re-do, or some advice, or even a knock upside the head.

In my classes we talk a lot about holding environments. People who confirm, contradict and show continuity. I've found that in several places and with several people and that's why it's hard to nail down one favorite place. I just like to be where my heart is.

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