Top 10 of 2010

For the last 2 years I've wanted to highlight what I think were my top 10 posts of the year. Less for comments and more for content. I never do because it's a chore to read through all these posts, some of which I can't even believe I wrote. However, because I've not much else to do on this New Year's Eve, I read all 96 posts written in 2010 (down from 2009) and below are the ones I think make the top 10. Feel free to re-read these as we prepare for whatever's coming in 2011.

10. Reflections

9. What Do You See in the Mirror

8. Playing Games

7. Long Distance Relationships

6. Something I Regret

5.Control Issues

4. My First Love

3. Grief

2. An Open Letter to My Friends

1. Beefs, Frenemies and BFFs: Ever Evolving

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