Go Away Creep

Long story on what reminded me of this, but I had to share it...

A few years ago, two friends and I were in a bookstore killing some time before we met up with some other people. I don't make it a habit of hanging out with ugly people (<<<<--- joking guys, I'm not vain like that at all) so all my friends are beautiful. Anyway, the 3 of us split up a little bit. Me with my friend C, and our friend S went to look at the mags. C and I have similar tastes in books so we were perusing the shelves to make suggestions to each other. At one point, C and I were on either side of the same case, thus on seperate "aisles" in the book store. I walked around the corner of the side C was on and noticed this guy staring at her oddly. I stood close to her and asked her if she'd noticed him before. She said no. I looked his way and again he was staring, but he suddenly looked away, realizing I'd busted him.

I grabbed C's hand and told her to come with me. Of course the shelves are large, so it's possible to stand on either end of the shelves and not be seen. We both stood at the opposite end of the shelf from him, and I peeked around the corner only to see him peeking around the other corner! I was freaked out. He jumped back. I grabbed her hand again and dragged her out the store in a rush. I called S and told her she needed to come out to the car.

A few weeks after this incident, C and a different friend, A, and I went to visit a college about an hour and a half away. While there we happened to run into a friend who was a student at the college. He invited us to come hang out with him and his friends before we left. As we were walking from the parking lot, I looked around and noticed a familiar looking guy walking our way. As he got closer, I realized it was the creep from the bookstore! We couldn't believe it and took off running to the nearest building.

Ohhh the things that I've been involved in...


Anonymous said...

That was creepy!

A.Smith said...

It really was... even now I catch a chill when I think about it.

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