Ok, I've Had It...

I really think I had a fun idea for a blog post today. This is not that blog post, unfortunately (partly because I forgot, but I forgot because of what happened to me today).

Lately I've been having a recurring motif in my conversations. Pet peeves, and the ranking of my pet peeves...

A few days ago, after 22 years of indecisiveness I've finally settled on "macaroni and cheese" as my favorite food. This afternoon, I finally settled on "not checking facts" as my #1 pet peeve.

But it's not really that simple.

I'm not the easiest person to understand. I get that. But there are some things about me that I work overtime to make very clear to the people in my "inner-circle." One of those things is that I'm always going to try my best to be supportive of decisions my friends make, even if I don't agree with it or think it's the best thing to do (unless it's something obscene like a crime, or something sure to bring death or any other obviously really BAD decision).

This afternoon, I got a text from a friend that said "Why are you doing (subject removed due to unimportance)??? That is so unlike you! Stop it!"

I have to be honest and say that my anger at this text message has a lot of moving parts, and I'm not just mad at one thing, I'm mad at a few things -- but as it relates to my pet peeve, that thing my friend was accusing me of doing wasn't what I was doing. Had she checked with me on the details first, she would've understood what was actually happening. I expect my friends to hear some third-party wayward mess about me and check with me before scolding me ESPECIALLY when it's something that's not in my nature.

My response to that text was something a lot like "you can kiss my ass..."

I got an apology text message a few minutes later where the person admitted they weren't filled in on all the details and they weren't even sure why they sent the text except that they had been told to. I didn't respond to that text message because I was still mad and the fact that they realized how wrong they were (oddly) upset me even more.

Is it that hard to hear something that seems out of line with a friend's character and check with them first? I mean isn't that logical?? Doesn't that just SEEM like the right thing to do, the easiest thing to do, the SMARTEST thing to do...

Guess not for everyone, huh? It's still a pet peeve...

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