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EDIT -- I meant to explainThis story is true. Happened to me, in the past. When all is said and done, it will span about 5 years. I should've explained this 8 weeks ago, but I didn't. So, now that we've cleared this up... carry on...

Somebody needs to beat me for this... I don't know where my head was yesterday

Refresh yourself like Sprite

A few days passed before we spoke again. When JD called he was very apologetic. He suggested that maybe we were moving too quickly. He admitted that the catalyst for his e-mail didn’t come from a genuine place. He just wanted to make sure I’d be around. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about us moving forward, but I figured if he could apologize and admit he was wrong, I could give him another chance.

The next few weeks were uneventful. I slipped back into the way of things with JD pretty easily. There was something about him that set me at ease. I was beginning to get close to JD’s mom who would infrequently call me to check on me. I appreciated that she appreciated me and my friendship with him. It was nice to know that someone noticed how much I gave. Though we were ok, JD was still beginning to do things that concerned me. I realized that his parents break-up played a heavy role.

JD and his father never seemed to get along. JD was always complaining about one thing or another where his father was concerned. He even seemed a little happy that his mother was going to get a divorce from his father. Then his mother told him and his younger brother that she wasn’t going to divorce their father but rather she was going to rebuild their marriage. That meant his father would come over and spend evenings with them and then eventually move back in. By the time Christmas came, JD’s father had moved back in.

Also, JD had heard back from his school. They told him they didn’t think it would be good for him to return the following semester either. They said that he would be welcomed back in the fall, but they felt it best he not return for the Spring semester. JD was devastated. It seemed like one blow after another. More and more I could feel JD relying on me for stability. It played into my hero complex and so I gave in to his needs, even when his needs were in direct contrast to my own.

More and more I was feeling like his girlfriend and I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to discuss where we saw our relationship going. I sent him a list of questions about how he felt about me and waited on his reply.


Anonymous said...

Is this fiction?

A.Smith said...

Nope -- not fiction -- unfortunately... :)

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