Throwback Tuesday

Funny story involving this song...

I have a friend, we'll call her CiCi, who is VERY smart (and I don't say that about many people, truly). But there's something in her brain that misfires and from time to time she can come across as an airhead.

One night, in college, I was at a table in the dining hall eating dinner with a handful of friends. CiCi happened to come in about that time and she saw us so she stopped to talk. She told us she had been out running some errands and looked at me and said "OH! I heard a THROWBACK in the car tonight."

Me: Oh really? What was it?
CiCi: It was "Candy." "Candy Rain."
Me: Was it "Candy" or "Candy Rain?" Those are two different songs.
CiCi: Oh. Yeah. "Candy Rain."

We continued with our conversation, CiCi, myself, and the group. At some point I over heard CiCi singing a song... "storms will come, this we know for sure..."

Me: Ay, is that the song you heard in the car?
CiCi: Yeah!
Me: Girl, that's not "Candy," OR "Candy Rain!" That's "Can You Stand the Rain!!"

A third friend, TB, looked at me and said "after that first exchange, I never would've thought that the song she was singing was the real song she heard!"

Let me just say I have PLENTY of stories about CiCi and the ditzy things she's said over the years. I love her.

Anyway, on to the throwback!

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