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When you hear a song, especially one you like, do you try to apply it to yourself?

A friend of mine and I had an argument about what this song is about. The crux of our disagreement came in when talking about how much of this song is about the singer. I said that by virtue of being about a relationship, both parties are involved, she said that the song is only about the other person and how the singer has to let them go so they can live. Last night, a thought occurred to me and I sent her a text message
When a person hears a song, they immediately try to apply it to themselves. They also try to do so from the perspective of the singer, not the one being sung to. In Maxwell's song my experience fits more from the other side and from the other side, it wasn't just about me, it was about both of us and he had to leave so I could live but also had to for himself, or at least that's how I saw it. I'm sure he saw it differently. Thus, I read the song the way I do.
She agreed with me and said that's exactly why she said the thing she said.

It's interesting to me how one situation can be read so many ways just because of experience or even your position in the situation. She's currently going through a situation very much like the one in the song. She feels like she's stepping away from it for the other person and I think my ex thought the same thing. Looking at her situation and mine, I see it as happening for both people. It may feel like you're "taking one for the team" but the fact of the matter is (at least to me), if you really love someone and they're not happy, how can you be happy? If walking away is the only way to make them happy, I know it's gotta hurt (for everyone in some cases) at first, but in the long run it's what's best and what will (hopefully) lead everyone to "happiness."

What do you think?

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A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

First of all I love this POST. Secondly, I will forgive you for putting my boyfriend on your POST. I love Maxwell (smile)

I love how you related this song to the words you also wrote. I only heard him sing it in concert and now you're causing me to "really" listen to the words. I, like many do relate certain songs to the type of relationship that we're currently in. Since I'm happy and free, I just love the beat of it and the fact that he's come out with a new CD. After I listen to the words w/my earphones, I'll be back for another response.

Love ya.
Have a happy Sunday.

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