What I Wore Today

Some disjointed pictures of what I'm wearing...

I talked a little bit about my own "personal style" during the Things You Should Never Apologize For series. Pretty simple -- nothing to write home about or get excited over.
In any case, I have a style that's my own. A style that I'm comfortable with and a style that I think, for the most part, fits me. From time to time I've been known to branch out for the shock factor, but for the most part, I'm completely predictable and that's fine by me. I realized a long time ago that it made no sense to me to spend my time worried about what others thought of my clothing choices when none of them were paying to keep my closet stocked with the latest styles.
The red and gray striped sweater is new -- just bought that last weekend, as I did the red shirt. The jeans and boots are old -- I can't wait to go boot shopping. I LOVE boots. Aside from allowing me to wear trendy shoes (I have a weird thing going on with my feet) they're just awesome. I need a good pair of cowboy boots to round out my selection.

So that's it. What I'm wearing!

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