My Dreams

Remember the post I did before on dreams?

I talked about how I was tired of dreaming and ready to do. I didn't want to sit around talking about what I would be doing one day with my friends, I wanted to be doing all the great things my friends I dreamed up.

I still feel that way sometimes. I think my friends and I, and even some associates could do great things together if we teamed up; however, I know how important dreams are. A long while ago, I wrote some thoughts on the differences between dreams and goals I came to the ultimate conclusion that goals are the means to a dream. You have a dream (or dreams), and you set goals to get you there.

One dream I just recently voiced to a couple of friends is to start a boarding school. I don't know that I want to reinvent the wheel, but I've seen/read about an interesting organization that starts boarding schools in inner-city neighborhoods. The idea is to remove the students from environments that are anti-learning, without taking them completely out of their comfort zone.

I dream about smaller things... homeownership, driving a 18-wheeler (seriously), bungee jumping, sky diving, meeting the man I can't live without ;)

I dream about making a huge impact on the world and my first goal is to start within my own community. I'd say my first goal towards that dream is to get my M.Ed in school counseling. One semester is almost down and I'm definitely closer to that goal today than I was yesterday. Another goal is getting an organization idea I've been kicking around with some friends up and off the ground.

Dreaming is exciting -- it's fun to think about what can be and realize how much control you have over making that a reality. One more dream I have is being in a position to share that fact with people who don't know it.


Ms. Payne said...

this post is so ON! you reminded me to keep dreaming which is invaluable in a world where we have to practical and responsible.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I have to ask about the driving an 18-wheeler. Just a one time thing or something you want to do often?

Someone bought me a certificate to skydive for my birthday. I can't wait to do it. I've always wanted to skydive.

A.Smith said...

I think I just want to do it one time... and maybe you know... again every once in a while, but I don't want to make a career out of driving 18-wheelers...

You have to let us know how sky diving goes!

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