This Month

This month has been crazy. I can't even remember it. I can't believe today is even Thanksgiving. I've had papers out the wazoo this month, the election was in the early part of this month and I've been doing a lot of prepping for next semester, it's just been a whirlwind!

I can't even adequately recount this month, that's how fast it seems to have gone by. I have so much on my plate and no time to get it done. I'm confused about my feelings for someone (oh boy, did I say that out loud? Uhh...ok... ) and I'm going to die if I don't get a break from life soon. I'm scared about what my practicum will bring next semester, but scared in a good way.

Too, in this month, I've grown closer to some new friends, feel like I've strengthened bonds with other friends (and further in limbo with yet other friends). I'm closer to that Master's than I was this time last month, I'm even more sure that counseling is the perfect field for me and as stressed as I am, I'm loving the experience I'm gaining.

That's this month. 5 more days until it's over and then it's my birthday month!

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CareyCarey said...

"Twenty five miles to go and I can hear my baby callin' my name" ~ Edwin Star

"Ten mo days to go, and I can call it a day" ~ Ms Smith

Hello Ashley, I see you're still doin' the damn thang. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. And Happy Thanksgiving, and don't eat to many chittlins and greens and turkey and yams and stuffin' and pumpkin pie and macaroni & cheese and cranberry sauce and potatoe salad and ham and sweet potatoe pie and green bean casserole and carmal cake and corn bread and... Happy Birthday... when you get there.

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