My Beliefs

I believe that what you believe is just as important as what you do not believe.

I believe that there is a God -- I believe he sent his Son to die for us and I believe there are consequences to not believing that.

I believe in love, but I do not believe that it conquers all or that it's all that matters.

I do not believe everything happens for a reason. I believe we tell ourselves that because sometimes the things that we see happen around us really need an explanation (check out Leon Festinger's theory on Cognitive Dissonance sometime -- it really explains a lot if you buy it) and so we tell ourselves it happened for a reason. I think that sometimes really effed up things happen for no reason at all, however, sometimes we can turn those negatives into positives and find meaning in the positivity.

I believe that the greatest thing we will ever do in this life is create and maintain good and healthy relationships. I also believe that task is incredibly difficult.

I think raising children is a 2-person job and I give major props to those who've gone it alone. In that same vein, I'm also beginning to believe we need to require licensure for parenting.

I believe in the Golden Rule. Unfortunately, I also believe I'm one of the few.

I believe in working hard for what you want.

I believe in honesty and integrity.

I believe in showing people how you feel about them so that they don't forget.

I believe in remembering the little things: like which friend hates mayo and which friend hates mustard and not mixing them up when they both ask me to bring a burger back for them.

I believe in being supportive of those we love.

I believe in trust and I believe no relationship will survive once the trust is gone.

I believe race still matters a whole lot in this country. I believe until everyone believes that, it will always matter too much.

I believe in trying more than you whine (think about it...)

I believe that it's important to have safe spaces. Places you can go and release all of yourself without fear of judgment or retribution. I believe you have to have more than one safe space, and at least one safe space has to be a person.

Along with safe spaces, I believe in good strong holding environments. People/places (but mostly people) who challenge you, support you, encourage you and help you grow.

I believe in the importance of an education.

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Ms. Payne said...

I really believe that having things to believe in shape the in reading this post I think you let us know a little bit more into the A. Smith psyche. So THANKS!

Ms. P

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