This Week

We'll focus on the week 11/7 - 11/13

In hindsight, the week was a blur, much like all my other weeks as of late.  I finished up a project at work and realized just how busy I'm about to be through the end of the semester at work.

Monday and Tuesday were focused on a presentation I had on Wednesday.  I worked hurriedly at work and spent a lot of time on campus doing my portion of the project.

Wednesday the presentation went fairly well.  My portion was short, but I heard later that people appreciated it.

Thursday I had a paper due, so of course that meant I was up Wednesday night working on it, which went into Thursday.  I took Veterans' Day off to do that.

My highlight was definitely Friday night when my cohort got together for a Thanksgiving potluck.  Our professors even came.  I made my favorite corn casserole, and everyone said they really liked it (even though I realized this morning I forgot the eggs, but that didn't seem to effect things. I really, REALLY like my cohort (so much so that my fb status is "I love my cohort...").  They're a good group of people and as always I have to stop and think about the chances of having ever met them otherwise.  I know it won't be long after we graduate that I'll really appreciate knowing them.

I felt like I was a day late and a dollar short all week.  I was working on everything at the last minute and when I would try to stop and figure out how I got to that point, I'd come up with nothing.  Time is speeding up; this is literally my only answer.

Trying some new tactics this week to get back on course.  I'm actually trying to unearth some more time in a day already crammed full of things, so that's going to require scheduling and sticking very assuredly to that schedule.  I think I can do it.

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