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Many will recall that one of my uncles died earlier this year (I SERIOUSLY can't believe it's been almost 6 months since he died... like seriously where did the time go?). All of his personal effects that his kids or ex girlfriend didn't make off with have been moved up into what used to be my room now that all of my furniture is in my apartment. However, my mom left the bed down there and I got the bright idea that instead of sleeping on the couch, maybe I oughta sleep down there.

My day began around 10:00 when my alarm went off. I had a hair appointment at 12 and I knew I'd need a little extra time to get moving. My blackberry started buzzing early, as well, with friends who saw me signed into gchat wanting to chat.

I went to the salon and got my hair done:

Then a good friend of mine went to see "For Colored Girls." I really enjoyed that movie. I saw a DVD of the play a few months ago. This movie is not the play and I think if you go truly understanding that -- that this is an interpretation, an adaptation -- you can enjoy it. This movie started out behind the 8-ball with a lot of people just because it's a Tyler Perry film and that's not fair. The actresses were all absolutely outstanding. I'd love to go see it again.

My friend and I went to dinner after and even though I intended to go to Target after dinner (my friend was headed to see her new boo piece) it was far too cold so I came on home.

Pretty uneventful day in my life, I'd say. Couple of friends found out I'm in town and tried (well, one is still trying) to convince me to come out but like I said, it's freezing and I look forward to evenings spent doing nothing, since my brain runs 3,000 miles a minute almost every other day.

So that's it. Hair, movie, food... which, in some ways, might actually be able to sum up parts of my life. :)

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CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey Ashley! Glad to see ya back in the mix.

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