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Not too long ago, my mom bought me a large wide bag big enough to fit my laptop into. When I first got to grad school, I was using it faithfully -- and then I started needing to carry far more than a laptop and small notebook. I'm really not big on carrying two bags (I mean, why carry 2 when you can just carry one...) so I've switched back to my trusty backpack...

These days, my backpack contains, at all times, my laptop (and it's various cords), books, a notebook, folders, my water bottle, and an umbrella.  I have a super cute Nicole Miller handbag that everyone loves, but I don't get to carry it very often, thanks to how much other stuff I'm forced to lug around.

I have to be honest: as much as I love handbags, I hate carrying them.  Contradictory, huh?  I just hate having extra accoutrement for no reason. :)  If I can get away with sticking my ID, my debit card and some cash in a pocket and going about my day, 9 times out of 10, I will.  Don't get me wrong, I know when a handbag is more appropriate, but like I said, when I can get away with it, I prefer not to have something hanging off me.

Back to the backpack -- I got this for undergrad.  It's an LL Bean backpack, and I got put on to LL Bean backpacks when I first began my new school in 8th grade.  During a half-day I spent following a current student around, I noticed that everyone (and I do mean everyone) had an LL Bean backpack (I understand that these days, the kids at that school carry NorthFace backpacks).  I just had to have one -- but they were super expensive and my mom couldn't afford to buy me one.  2 nights before school started, we stopped by one of her friend's houses, and out they came with the backpack I wanted, complete with my initials!  I wore that backpack out -- by my senior year, the bottom was held together with duct tape.  I didn't want a new one, though; I liked that one.  It was cobalt blue and by the time I finally had to let it go, it was covered in white out from me writing quotes on it.  I made it uniquely mine (because I quickly learned that the downside to going with the crowd on this one was finding your backpack in a sea of backpacks after chapel!)

I couldn't begin undergrad with a torn backpack, so I bought the one you see above.  I actually ended up using a NorthFace backpack and another messenger bag I bought more frequently than this backpack, so it didn't quite get the level of use as my original LL Bean backpack.  This one is coming in quite handy now, though. :)

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Ms. Payne said...

you know i had a yellow bookbag (as we say in BK) in high school! and i loved that thing! LIKE LOVED THAT THING...but true to your post i had to get a new one because the that one was just over! however, a funny thing happened in undergrad i got addicted to bookbags. and now that i am an adult i have all these bookbags and no books...funny turn around huh? well atleast i think so

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