What I Ate Today

I had leftover fried rice from P.F. Chang's for breakfast, a ham and swiss cafe (read: bougie) sandwich for lunch and the rest of the fried rice for dinner.

I actually think I do pretty good with food choices -- not a whole whole lot of fattening stuff, but on occasion I indulge a little too much and I'm trying to get that under control. I've upped my water intake considerably (yay me) and I'm going to get an exercise program going ASAP. I've got weight I want to lose and I'm getting more and more serious about that.

Speaking of food: I went to the grocery store today after class. I needed toilet paper in the worst way (somehow 5 women went through 3 rolls of toilet paper in 5 days... and 2 of those women weren't even in my apt 24 hours) so I finally made a list and went to Wally World (walmart). Boy do I HATE going shopping at walmart. I mean LOATHE. Folks have absolutely no concept of paying attention, personal space or controlling their children.

There I was, walking around the store decked out in my university's para when a woman stops me and asks me if I know where the little boys' school clothes are located. Did she stop me because I looked like I worked there? I don't know -- I quickly quipped, "I don't know. Haven't seen them and I don't work here" and I walked off. She said, to my back, "I mean, I knew you didn't work here." So - if she knew I didn't work there, did I look like I'd be shopping for my little boy's school clothes? Hm.

I'm often stopped in stores for questions like this. In fact, I'm often stopped for questions, period. Sometimes I really think I have "Ask Me!" stamped on my forehead and it's invisible to me. I can't tell you how many times a person has stopped me in the train station to ask which way to go, despite my attempts to look straight ahead and the fact that I had my iPod blaring in my ear. I'm also often told that there's something about me that makes it easy for people to talk to me. My dyad partner (we practice our counseling techniques on each other in "dyad partnerships" and record them -- the videos are critiqued by our professors) actually mentioned this as a strength in our meeting with our professor today. It's a helpful ability, until you just want to get out of the train station, or finish up your shopping or have a regular conversation with someone that doesn't involve them bearing their soul.

I'll take the good with the bad, though. ;)


CareyCarey said...

"I'm often stopped in stores for questions like this"

Isn't that weird. I mean, it's generally the same kind of question... directions or help.

Well, when I visit other churches (and sometimes my own) I am always asked if I'm a preacher. What's up with that? I don't know what to make of that because preachers are seen in several different lights.

Maybe it's the honest look on my face. :-(

A.Smith said...

Carey, people have told me for years that something about me makes it easy for me to open up to... don't know how to control that either cause sometimes I need people to turn the TMI off. :)

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